Bunengi Group is a specialised boutique project development company focused on developing projects in infrastructure, agriculture and natural resources. The group also advises clients on economic development, infrastructure development, company operations and investment strategies. The Group is dedicated to developing and ensuring long term ongoing socio-economic development on the African continent.

We partner in multifaceted large scale infrastructure projects throughout the continent bringing in combined skills of both our sectorial specialist and the management team with a wide range of competencies. Bunengi skillfully delivers to government, private sector organisations and investors the ability to enhance transportation nodes, power requirements, resources maximisation, trade routes and development zones to benefit society and nations alike. Our management is dedicated to establishing strong and sustainable relationships with stakeholdrers creating an environment for maximised benefits for the national economies of our clients and partners.

A holding company also exists in the group where various stakes are held in companies that are synegistic or expansions to Bunengi’s business model.

The approach is, in order for Africa to realise her full potential, someone like Bunengi has to de-risk projects, develop them and structure them in manner that makes them economically sustainable.